We will review the topics below in the spring. We will not devote class time to these topics. You should review these materials. While torque is listed as an AP Physics topic, it has not shown up on a free response question since 1971. It does appear on the m.c. section. The AP Exam does include the following topics:

Video link on:

Torque Notes.
  • We are just concerned with the T=Frsin(theta) stuff. Don't worry about moment of inertia.
  • Notes from:
  • Spark Notes - these are so-so.
  • The University of Winnipeg. These are ok.
  • Wikipedia. While the entire Torque page has some good stuff, for what we are doing it would be dangerous to go beyond the special cases section. Do NOT scroll out of that topic section.

  • Make a themed mobile. Bring it in and hang it up. How do F, r, and Torque relate to your mobile?