StA AP Physics

Kinematics Page:

Tuesday, 9-08-09:
  • In Class:
    • Science Puzzle
Wednesday, 9-09-09:
  • In Class:
    • Rvw Science Puzzle
    • Syllabus
    • Motion Maps
  • Homework:
    • Do Motion Maps worksheet.
Thursday, 9-10-09:

Friday, 9-11-09:
  • In Class:
    • Finish GG's Position Time Graph Match data collection.
  • Homework:
    • Finish Lab Questions
    • Do Unit 2 Worksheet 1 worksheet (front & back).

Monday, 9-14-09:
  • In Class:
  • Prep for UMN Lab
    • We will do lab problems 2-4 on Monday through Wednesday (need to be done Wednesday)
    • Each lab problem should have a motion map, a written statement of the motion, and a set of graphs that show the position vs time, velocity vs time, and acceleration vs time.
    • Each lab problem needs be analyzed as y=mx+b form.
  • Homework:
    • prepare for next stages of lab. READ the lab. It helps a lot and saves a lot of time.
      • Related Textbook reading 1-D or one dimensional motion: acceleration. Should have already read position, displacement, velocity material. Add acceleration. In the normal class text, this is sections 2.3, 2.4, 2.5, 2.6
      • Read the Lab Problem 1 information. It should help prep you for lab problem two.
      • Lab Problem Two: In your lab notebook, include:
        • Problem, Materials, prediction, and warm-up (1-3, skip 4) portions of Lab Problem 2
    • Clean up GG's graph matching lab and ws U2 WS1 if necessary.

Tuesday, 9-15-09:
  • In Class:
    • Data collection for UMN Lab Probs 2-4 - prep for sections 2 & 3 so Wednesday is all lab.
    • Concept Question Test.
  • Homework:
    • Worksheet. Enjoy - Motion, Graphs, & Maps.
    • Be ready to do lab problems 2 & 3. For the Warm-Up for lab problem 2, focus on the constant acceleration portion. do not worry about the increasing or decreasing acceleration portions.
    • prepare for next stages of lab. READ the lab. It helps a lot and saves a lot of time
    • Read & Rvw text content for position, velocity, and acceleration.

Wednesday, 9-16-09:
  • In Class:
    • Review Motion Graphs worksheet from yesterday.
    • Begin UMN Lab
  • Homework:
    • prep for next part of UMN lab
    • PS 2.1: Ch 2 Prob 6, 7, 9, 22

Thursday, 9-17-09:
  • In Class:
    • rvw ps 2.1
    • discuss graphs
    • work on UMN Lab
  • Homework:
    • PS 2.2: #19,23,25,27,29
      • Note: We do NOT need to know how to convert english system measurements to metric system measurements. We DO need all units to be the same metric unit. We DO NEED to know how to convert kilosomethings to base-unitsomethings. You CAN use the internet to convert from miles/hour to m/s. Do NOT use the internet to convert from km/s to m/s. You need to know how to do that.

Friday, 9-18-09:
  • In Class:
    • Finish Lab.
    • Discuss results in class
  • Homework:
    • Prep for reaction time lab. You will have a meterstick as your only lab tool. One partner drops it, the other tries to catch it. How can you determine your reaction time? Prepare this lab in your lab notebook so we can complete the lab in 8 minutes on Monday. This is a problem solving lab. You should use the problem solving lab rubric as a guide for your lab notebook.
    • Finish UMN Lab. That means finish the analysis / conclusion for labs 2 & 3. We did not use video analysis. Skip the sections that ask you to address the video analysis. You should be able to address the graphs.
    • Finish any unfinished homework assignments. Remember that you MUST show your work. We will be more specific about what that entails this coming week.
    • NOTE: I have not been able to figure out why the Harvard website isn't letting some of you access the concept questions. I am waiting for a reply from the folks at Harvard. For now, just leave it be.

Monday, 9-21-09:
  • In Class:
    • Rvw UMN Lab
    • Handout Lab Notebooks ($12)
    • Do Reaction Time Lab (make sure you address sources of uncertainty). (15 minute total)
  • Homework:
    • Do odds on Stack of Kinematics Curves worksheet
    • Add Ch 2 # 43.

Wednesday, 9-23-09:
  • In Class:
    • Rvw worksheet packet.
  • Homework:
    • Finish worksheet packet.
    • Do problem pasted below. Sorry, I forgot I don't have a book from which I can select problems.
      • A ball is thrown upward. Its initial vertical speed is 12.1 m/s. Neglect air resistance.
      • What is its maximum height, hmax ?
      • Sketch the question, choose a +/- direction. Have at it. Good luck.

Thursday, 9-24-09:
  • In Class:
    • Rvw Stack of Kine Curves.
    • Rvw HW prob from Wed:
    • Focus on:
      • sketch prob
      • +/- direction,
      • multiple routes to solution
      • Show your work.
    • Work on Conceptual Physics packet of motion (the cartoon-like packet)
  • Homework:
    • Finish the packet (except the one that has a ball thrown at an angled downward angle).

Friday, 9-25-09:
  • In Class:
    • Rvw Conceptual Physics packet w/ lab groups
    • Begin Projectile motion packet. Do projectile motion questions 1 & 2 completely, and number 3 a-c.
  • Homework:
    • Finish packet.
  • Note: Test Friday

Monday, 9-28-09:
  • In Class:
    • Website: You can add & edit.
    • Confirm Homework that should be in.( PS 2.1; PS 2.2; Stacks of Curves; U2WS1; UMN Lab Probs 2 & 3.; Pictorial Representation )
    • Today's Notes:
    • Review Projectile Motion Questions.
    • Do Projectile Motion Question in Class.
    • Get ready for Snake River Canyon Lab
  • Homework:
    • PS 3.1: Prob 1, 9, 13, 22, 23, 24
    • Finish Prep for Snake River Canyon Lab
  • Notes:
    • Books are In! If you've been dealing with a different text, come and see me for the correct text.
    • Focus on PS 3.1. The first couple just ask you to draw things out to scale. Draw arrows Tip-to-tail. The next problems ask you to find some stuff in the x-direction, then use that to find the other stuff in the y-direction (or maybe start with the y-direction and then move to the x-direction).
    • If you have Hot Wheels or Matchbox cars and track, bring them in on Tuesday for a couple of extra credit points.

Tuesday, 9-29-09:
  • In Class:
    • Rvw PS 3.1:
    • Do Snake River Canyon Lab
  • Homework:
    • Finish Preparing for Snake River Canyon Lab writeup.
    • Do Projectile Motion w.s packet:
      • Projectile Motion Question #2: letters b & c
      • Page I-37 Projectile Motion Question Problem #1 (not question #1). The 2nd to last page of the packet with a bicyclist jumping from a ledge across length 'L' and down height 'h'.

Wednesday, 9-30-09:
  • In Class:
    • Finish Evel Kneivel jumps Snake River Canyon lab.
    • Rvw HW
    • Do Quick video analysis of projectile?
  • Homework:
    • PS 3.2: Ch 3 #7, 30, 58

Thursday, 9-31-09:
  • In Class:
    • Quick Rvw of E.K. lab
    • Interactive lecture Demos for 1 & 2 d motion. or clicker questions on motion.
  • Homework:
    • Study for test.
      • Topics include:
        • 1d motion
        • 2d motion
        • position (original, final, change in position, displacement), velocity (instantaneous, average, initial, final), acceleration, time, time interval: Chapters 2 & 3

Friday, 10-01-09:
  • In Class:
    • Take test
  • Homework:
    • Take Home Test.

Monday, 10-05-09:
  • Transition to Forces. Next links and information will be on the forces link on the left-side toolbar.
  • In Class:
    • Review test.
    • Use AP Readers guide to grade exams and understand what is needed to score well on exam.
  • Homework:
    • Translational Dynamics Kit. Numbers assigned. Shown in the Forces toolbar.
    • We are officially moving past the kinematics only section.

Tuesday, 10-06-09
  • In class:
Read ch. 4.1-4.3 and take notes( having the prediction, 2 things that you already knew, and 2 things that are new).
Also do the unit 3 packet
  • Homework:
Finish the unit 3 packet

Thursday 10-08-09
  • In class:
Mass Run Lab
  • Homework:
Unit 4- worksheet 3 (1-3)

  • ----

**Wednesday, 10-14-09
  • In class:
Worked on Problem 4 in "Unit IV: Worksheet 3" (the one with the 5kg ball in number one) as a class on the white boards
Also did some sorting through paperwork, turned back old work that has been corrected.
  • Homework:
Do problems 7 and 8 on the same worksheet (SH)** ----

On Hold----

DELAYED - Incorrect: Tuesday, 9-22-09:
  • In Class:
    • Rvw Stacks of Kinematic Curves ws
    • Do 5 step set of directions.
    • Do 2 -d motion problems graphically (Hewitt, Knight & Van Heuvelen)
    • Prep for Evel Kneivel & Snake River Canyon.
  • Homework:
    • Prep for Evel Kneivel Lab
    • Finish 2-d motion questions

DELAYED - Incorrect: Wednesday, 9-23-09:
  • In Class:
    • Finish Evel Kneivel Lab
    • Be certain to address sources of uncertainty.
  • Homework:
    • ap review questions.

DELAYED - Incorrect: Thursday, 9-24-09:
  • In Class:
    • Review ap-like 1-d & 2-d motion problems.
  • Homework:
    • Study for test.

DELAYED - Incorrect: Friday, 9-25-09:
  • In Class:
    • Take Kinematics test.
  • Homework:
    • Take home test. Finish it completely, work with partners, state your partners & resources.

  • Link for Graphs and tracks here:


Tuesday, 9-02-08:
  • In Class Stuff:
  • Homework:
    • Read Ch 2 Section 4 CAREFULLY. The pdf below is from a second source. I think the second source might be more clear. You should probably read them both.
    • Read the intructions. Complete motion maps with position dots & velocity arrows. Wait on acceleration.
    • Check The lab Notebook Grading links: Conceptual/Exploratory and Problem Solving Labs
    • Bring your $11.95 for the lab notebook
Wednesday, 9-03-08:
  • In Class:
    • Complete the Conceptual Physics Survey.
    • Share motion maps.
  • Homework:
    • Read and do the preliminary portion of GG's Position Time Graph Match lab ( GG'sPositionTimeGraphMatch-area.docx).
    • Some folks have had trouble accessing the document (created in Word '07). The pre-lab portions are pasted below (now deleted since we don't need them anymore).

Thursday, 9-04-08:
  • In Class:
    • Review Motion Maps.- Main pts below
      • Dots represent position at equal time intervals
      • arrow represent velocity
      • one should, somehow, identify separate chunks of each problem. maybe circle each chunk, draw a dashed line to separate them...
    • Discuss how to record material in lab notebooks.external image pdf.png LabNotebook GG demo9-04-08.pdf
    • Do the first part of GG's Position Time Graph lab.
    • Note: The best matches (determined by finding the square of the are between the graphs) in each class will get a couple of extra credit points.
  • Homework:
    • Read the captions to all of the figures in 2.1 & 2.2 of your text.
    • Make a concept map of the information on pages 24 --> the first half of page 27.

Friday, 9-05-08:

Monday, 9-08-08:
  • In Class:
    • Quick Review of lab
    • Discuss graphical properties of a d vs t graph.
    • Whiteboard worksheets 1 & 2 on constant velocity motion.
  • Homework:
    • Do Problem Set 2.1 (PS 2.1 is just a name for this first set of problems):
      • Ch 2 Problems (not conceptual questions) # 5-7, 9, 15, 17
Tuesday, 9-09-08:
  • In Class:
  • Homework:
    • Do the parts listed below for each page on the packet titled: Lab Extension: Speeding Up and Slowing Down;
      • a (in your mind),
      • b (not the acceleration part),
      • c
      • e (the position vs time AND velocity vs time graphs, NOT the acceleration vs time graph).
    • We will do the rest later, so do NOT cross them out.
Wednesday, 9-10-08:
  • In Class:
    • end the Cart Incline Lab.
    • Discuss acceleration arrows for motion maps. Recall that the first 2 pages of the pdf on last Tuesday discusses acceleration arrows on motion maps.
  • Homework:
    • Regarding the Lab Extension: Speeding Up and Slowing Down:
      • Now do the acceleratio part in section b
      • now add the acceleration vs time graph in part e.
    • Note: D vs t graph (slope -->) v vs t graph (slope -->) a vs t graph.
Thursday, 9-11-08:
  • In Class:
    • Finish Lab Extension: Speeding up and slowing down.
    • Discuss lab.
  • Homework:
    • Do P.S. 2.2 (ch 2, 2nd problem set): #19, 23, 25, 27, 29
Friday, 9-12-08:

Monday, 9-15-08:
  • In Class:
    • Review graphical and mathematical models for motion.
    • Rvw questions from worksheet
    • Begin Reaction Time lab: drop a meterstick and determine your reaction time.
  • Homework:
    • Finish any unanswered questions from Friday's worksheets.
    • Finish Reaction Time lab:
      • Remember that this is a problem solving lab. You should record information in your lab notebook appropriately.
      • Approach the lab as a problem to solve.
      • Determine steps to solve the problem. Do not randomly measure and calculate things. Do not walk blindly through the lab. Think.
      • Use the Problem Solving Lab grading guide.
Tuesday, 9-16-08:
  • In Class:
    • Finish Reaction Time lab. Discuss uncertainties.
  • Homework:
Wednesday 9-17-08:
  • In Class:
  • Homework:
    • page: questions:
    • I-33 a,b,f,g,h,j (note: at the peak the velocity in the y direction is zero)
    • I-34 a - d
    • I-35 a,b
  • Note: Remember that if you click on [Join] in the upper right portion of the screen, you will be able to edit this page. If you update the daily work before I get to it, you get extra credit. Additionally, if you find cool stuff you can post it here.

Thursday, 9-18-08:
  • In Class:
  • Homework:
    • Do all pre-lab stuff (check the information on problem solving labs) for the problem solving Snake River Canyon lab.
    • Do more on yesterdays packet:
      • pg I-35 letter c
      • pg I-36 letter a
Friday, 9-19-08:
  • In Class:
    • Ask Homework Questions... none.
    • Do Evel Kneivel lab.
  • Homework:
    • prepare to finish the lab on monday QUICKLY
    • Do Ch 3 PROBS: #24, 26, 28 (CHAPTER THREE)
    • answers:
    • 3.19 s, 36.1 m/s @ 60.1 degrees below horizontal
    • 2.8 m from base of table; vx = 5.0 m/s, vy=-5.4 m/s
    • dx=7.23x10^3 m; dy=1.68 x10^3 m
    • a reminder: work backwards. if you are trying to find dx, then start from their and work your way back. If you get to a spot where you are stuck and need more information (like time) it is often helpful to start looking in the other direction (y direction)
Monday, 9-22-08:
  • In Class:
    • Rvw H.W.
    • Finish E.K. lab
  • Homework:
    • P.S. 3.2: #32, 65
  • Note: Test Wednesday. Ch 1-3.
Thursday, 9-25-08:
  • In Class:
    • Review Test.
  • Homework:
    • Read 4.1
    • Read Packet (it is helpful)
    • Do Packet:
      • Page half titled: Interactions, Free-Body Diagrams, and Newton's Third Law -1
        • II-5 Free Body Diagrams (skip Force Diagrams)
      • Page half titled: Interactions, Free-Body Diagrams, and Newton's Third Law -2
        • do a, skip b & c for now (do not cross them out)