Sledding 12-12-08:
  • Sledding data:
  • The length of the incline (not vertical height of hill, but hypotenuse (sp?) of hill triangle) is 19.7 m.
  • The height of the hill is around 7.5 meters.
  • Note: 1 pound = 4.45 Newtons
  • You can use your weight in pounds to find your weight in Newtons. Then you can calculate your mass. You could probably add around 3 kgs for your coat, boots, snow pants, & sled.

Show your work (diagrams help) finding:
  • v(average)
  • v(bottom)
  • E(gravitational potential) top
  • E(kinetic) bottom
  • E(loss) from top to bottom
  • acceleration for horizontal chunk (the coasting chunk after you've gone down the hill).
  • F(friction) for horizontal chunk
  • F(total) for horizontal chunk
  • coefficient of kinetic friction for horizontal chunk.
  • Work that the nonconservative force does for horizontal chunk.